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Getting Jobs at Payless Shoe Source by Submitting a Application

Payless Shoes is among one of the largest family footwear retail chains that can be found all around the globe. Focused on offering essential and affordable footwear to budget-conscious families, Payless has become one of the most favored brands in countries such as U.S., Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia and other countries of Asia, Africa and America.

For those who are looking to start or advance their career in retailing, a Payless job might be the right fit. With around 4,000 boutiques present in U.S. alone and 174 internationally franchised stores, you can find a healthy, challenging and thriving environment at Payless Shoes.

The Job Application Process at Payless

Applying at Payless Shoes can be an ideal chance for you to work in a large, culturally diverse organization that values creativity and the knowledge of their employees with much more than a competitive salary package. In order to become a part of Payless, you can submit a application via its website for available job openings. The company does not offer any printable application forms and all jobs must be searched through their own website. You can find both full-time and part-time employment depending on the location.

Before you apply for an opening, a job preview is provided through a video. Moreover, a detailed account of job roles and responsibilities associated with every position is also provided so that you can go through it carefully. Once the applicants are sure the position they are applying for is the right fit for them, they can proceed to the application form, which requires them to answer specific questions very carefully and enter their personal details.

If you are one of the lucky people to get short-listed for an interview, make sure you don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity and prepare well for the day. Visit the company website and study the various Payless brands and related information in detail. After being selected for an interview, going without any research about the company won’t get you far.

General Job Application Tips

Common Jobs Found in Payless Shoes

As one of the well-renowned footwear retailers around the globe with stores located at numerous locations, Payless Shoes has a large number of employment opportunities available in the retailing field. Whether you are looking for an entry-level sales job or a higher level corporate position, you can find something fitting for you with high chances of growth and advancement present in every job position at the company.

The entry level positions at Payless include positions like sales associates, stock room associates, group leaders, team members and store leaders. All these jobs are based at the main sales outlets of the company where the sales associates are responsible for catering to the customers while stock room associates manage the inventory management and shelf positioning of products in the stores. Meanwhile, store and team leaders manage their teams and motivate them to work better continuously in order to meet customer’s expectations.

Careers in management at Payless Shoes include managerial positions for stores, distribution centers and corporate offices of the company. The most sought-after positions in the corporate sector of the company include District Managers, Regional and Global Sales Manager, Financial Analysts, Auditors and Business Leadership Associates. Corporate jobs however require substantial working experience and appropriate qualifications to match the requirements of the position.

Minimum Age to Work at Payless

If you are applying at Payless in U.S., you have to be at least seventeen years of age in order to get employed at the company. According to the Federal Law, all employees are required to provide their identity proof and employers are required to verify it before employing someone. If you are applying in any other country, you will have to be of age according to the laws of that country in order to get employed at Payless Shoes.

Average Salary Offered to Employees at Payless

The average salaries of employees at Payless vary depending on their position and their performance. At entry-level jobs, employees start at minimum wage, but they can experience fast advancement and growth on the basis of their performance combined together with increase in pay.

Remuneration structure for corporate jobs depend on a lot of factors such as the position applied, department, qualifications and experience. On average, applicants in managerial positions can start off with $50,000 annually. However, higher positions such as District Manager and Programmer Analysts can earn substantially higher than that annually.

Employment Benefits at Payless

Apart from competitive salaries, Payless Shoes offer much more to its employees in terms of employment benefits. All the employees at Payless have a flexible work schedule and get to attend numerous paid-training programs that can help them in skill development and career advancement in the company. Furthermore, the employee benefit package offered to all employees of Payless includes life and medical insurance coverage, 401(k) retirement plans and future planning benefits. Employees can also enjoy work-life balance programs, discounts, tuition fee reimbursements and paid vacations.

Apply At Payless Shoes Today

So, if you are looking ahead to a bright career in retailing industry, Payless Shoes is one of the best multinational firms of the U.S.A. that can offer you numerous opportunities. Submit a job application today at Payless if you are looking for exceptional salary packages and benefits at all positions.

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